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﷽ Find your Country Below! For Accurate Details we advice keep an eye on local announcements.

Ramadan 2019 Dates Calendars Timings

In this website, we will show you the timetable of Ramadan 2019. We will include the calendar of Ramadan 2019 and the whole timetable of the different countries of the world. You will get to know that when will Ramadan come in the different countries and all the timings and schedules of the Ramadan 2019.
For your information, Ramadan 2019 will be on 6 May 2019, and the people will start fasting from then on. The Holy Month of Ramadan will be coming in this year, and people will then fast. Ramadan always occurs according to the lunar calendar. Therefore, the Ramadan 2019 schedule and timetable will be spot on in this website. You can check the whole details of Ramadan 2019 here. Everything including the details about when is Ramadan 2019 will be posted here.
ramadan 2019

(Select Desired Country to get Ramadan Calendar and Time Table)
NoCountry NameStart DateEnd Date
1Ramadan Calendar IndonesiaMay 05, 2019June 04, 2019
2Ramadan Calendar PakistanMay 06, 2019June 05, 2019
3Ramadan Calendar BangladeshMay 05, 2019June 04, 2019
4Ramadan Calendar IranMay 05, 2019June 04, 2019
5Ramadan Calendar TurkeyMay 06, 2019June 03, 2019
6Ramadan Calendar EgyptMay 05, 2019June 04, 2019
7Ramadan Calendar AlgeriaMay 05, 2019June 04, 2019
7Ramadan Calendar MoroccoMay 05, 2019June 04, 2019
8Ramadan Calendar Iraq May 05, 2019June 04, 2019
9Ramadan Calendar SudanMay 05, 2019June 04, 2019
10Ramadan Calendar Saudi ArabiaMay 05, 2019June 04, 2019
11Ramadan Calendar AfghanistanMay 05, 2019June 04, 2019
12Ramadan Calendar EthiopiaMay 05, 2019June 04, 2019
13Ramadan Calendar UzbekistanMay 05, 2019June 04, 2019
14Ramadan Calendar YemenMay 05, 2019June 04, 2019
15Ramadan Calendar ChinaMay 05, 2019June 04, 2019
16Ramadan Calendar SyriaMay 05, 2019June 04, 2019
17Ramadan Calendar MalaysiaMay 05, 2019June 04, 2019
18Ramadan Calendar RussiaMay 05, 2019June 04, 2019
19Ramadan Calendar NigerMay 05, 2019June 04, 2019
20Ramadan Calendar PhilippinesMay 05, 2019June 04, 2019
21Ramadan Calendar SomaliaMay 05, 2019June 04, 2019
22Ramadan Calendar FranceMay 05, 2019June 04, 2019
23Ramadan Calendar CanadaMay 05, 2019June 04, 2019
24Ramadan Calendar AlbaniaMay 05, 2019June 04, 2019
25Ramadan Calendar AngolaMay 05, 2019June 04, 2019
26Ramadan Calendar ArgentinaMay 05, 2019June 04, 2019
27Ramadan Calendar AustraliaMay 05, 2019June 04, 2019
28Ramadan Calendar AustriaMay 05, 2019June 04, 2019
29Ramadan Calendar AzerbaijanMay 05, 2019June 04, 2019
30Ramadan Calendar BahrainMay 05, 2019June 04, 2019
31Ramadan Calendar BelarusMay 05, 2019June 04, 2019
32Ramadan Calendar BelgiumMay 05, 2019June 04, 2019
33Ramadan Calendar BeninMay 05, 2019June 04, 2019
34Ramadan Calendar BosniaMay 05, 2019June 04, 2019
35Ramadan Calendar BrazilMay 05, 2019June 04, 2019
36Ramadan Calendar BruneiMay 05, 2019June 04, 2019
37Ramadan Calendar BulgariaMay 05, 2019June 04, 2019
38Ramadan Calendar Burkina FasoMay 05, 2019June 04, 2019
39Ramadan Calendar BurmaMay 05, 2019June 04, 2019
40Ramadan Calendar BurundiMay 05, 2019June 04, 2019
41Ramadan Calendar CambodiaMay 05, 2019June 04, 2019
42Ramadan Calendar CameroonMay 05, 2019June 04, 2019
43Ramadan Calendar Central African RepMay 05, 2019June 04, 2019
44Ramadan Calendar ChadMay 05, 2019June 04, 2019
45Ramadan Calendar ChileMay 05, 2019June 04, 2019
46Ramadan Calendar ColombiaMay 05, 2019June 04, 2019
47Ramadan Calendar ComorosMay 05, 2019June 04, 2019
48Ramadan Calendar CongoMay 05, 2019June 04, 2019
49Ramadan Calendar CyprusMay 05, 2019June 04, 2019
50Ramadan Calendar DenmarkMay 05, 2019June 04, 2019
51Ramadan Calendar EritreaMay 05, 2019June 04, 2019
52Ramadan Calendar FijiMay 05, 2019June 04, 2019
53Ramadan Calendar FinlandMay 05, 2019June 04, 2019
54Ramadan Calendar GambiaMay 05, 2019June 04, 2019
55Ramadan Calendar GeorgiaMay 05, 2019June 04, 2019
56Ramadan Calendar GermanyMay 05, 2019June 04, 2019
57Ramadan Calendar Hong KongMay 05, 2019June 04, 2019
58Ramadan Calendar IsraelMay 05, 2019June 04, 2019
59Ramadan Calendar ItalyMay 05, 2019June 04, 2019
60Ramadan Calendar Ivory CoastMay 05, 2019June 04, 2019
61Ramadan Calendar JapanMay 05, 2019June 04, 2019
62Ramadan Calendar JordanMay 05, 2019June 04, 2019
63Ramadan Calendar KazakhstanMay 05, 2019June 04, 2019
64Ramadan Calendar KenyaMay 05, 2019June 04, 2019
65Ramadan Calendar KosovoMay 05, 2019June 04, 2019
66Ramadan Calendar KyrgyzstanMay 05, 2019June 04, 2019
67Ramadan Calendar LebanonMay 05, 2019June 04, 2019
68Ramadan Calendar LiberiaMay 05, 2019June 04, 2019
69Ramadan Calendar LibyaMay 05, 2019June 04, 2019
70Ramadan Calendar MacedoniaMay 05, 2019June 04, 2019
71Ramadan Calendar MadagascarMay 05, 2019June 04, 2019
72Ramadan Calendar MalawiMay 05, 2019June 04, 2019
73Ramadan Calendar MaldivesMay 05, 2019June 04, 2019
74Ramadan Calendar MaliMay 05, 2019June 04, 2019
75Ramadan Calendar MauritaniaMay 05, 2019June 04, 2019
76Ramadan Calendar MayotteMay 05, 2019June 04, 2019
78Ramadan Calendar MexicoMay 05, 2019June 04, 2019
79Ramadan Calendar MongoliaMay 05, 2019June 04, 2019
80Ramadan Calendar MontenegroMay 05, 2019June 04, 2019
81Ramadan Calendar MozambiqueMay 05, 2019June 04, 2019
82Ramadan Calendar NetherlandsMay 05, 2019June 04, 2019
83Ramadan Calendar NigeriaMay 05, 2019June 04, 2019
84Ramadan Calendar OmanMay 05, 2019June 04, 2019
85Ramadan Calendar QatarMay 05, 2019June 04, 2019
86Ramadan Calendar RwandaMay 05, 2019June 04, 2019
87Ramadan Calendar SenegalMay 05, 2019June 04, 2019
88Ramadan Calendar SerbiaMay 05, 2019June 04, 2019
89Ramadan Calendar Sierra LeoneMay 05, 2019June 04, 2019
90Ramadan Calendar SingaporeMay 05, 2019June 04, 2019
91Ramadan Calendar SloveniaMay 05, 2019June 04, 2019
92Ramadan Calendar SomaliaMay 05, 2019June 04, 2019
93Ramadan Calendar South AfricaMay 05, 2019June 04, 2019
94Ramadan Calendar TanzaniaMay 05, 2019June 04, 2019
95Ramadan Calendar TunisiaMay 05, 2019June 04, 2019
96Ramadan Calendar TurkmenistanMay 05, 2019June 04, 2019
97Ramadan Calendar United StatesMay 05, 2019June 04, 2019
98Ramadan Calendar United KingdomMay 05, 2019June 04, 2019
99Ramadan Calendar UAEMay 05, 2019June 04, 2019
100Ramadan Calendar KuwaitMay 05, 2019June 04, 2019

When is Ramadan 2019?

Ramadan is on the 1st Ramadan of every Lunar year. It is on 05 May 2019 and people will be fasting in this month. This is the Holy month of Ramadan and people are very happy in this month. They meet each other with gratitude and love, and this is also the month of love and sympathy. People try to give as much as they can, and they spend most of their time doing prayers and other forms of charities.

NOTE: All Date are based on Islamic Lunar calendar. Dates may vary due to the sighting of the moon in different countries.

The Timings of Ramadan 2019

Ramadan Timings

We will be posting here the timings of Ramadan 2019 of different countries on the website and you will get to know about the timings and schedules of Ramadan 2019.
Officially, the timing of Suhoor is before the Fajar AZAN and timing of Iftar is after Maghrib AZAN, but it is different in the whole world due to the time difference in sunrise and sunset.
Below we will provide you the complete List of countries with their Ramadan start and end date including the Calendar for Ramadan 2019.

    When is Ramadan 2019 in the United States of America?

    It has been estimated that first Ramadan 2019 in the USA  will begin from 05 May 2019 and the day will be Sunday.
    According to the Saudi Umm al-Qura calendar this time the total days of fasting will be 30. So, Ramadan 2019 in the USA will end on June 4, 2019, the day will be Tuesday.
    These dates apply to following states of USA:

    • Ramadan in New York
    • Ramadan in Los Angeles
    • Ramadan in Chicago
    • Ramadan in Houston
    • Ramadan in Philadelphia

    Ramadan 2019 USA Calendar

    The Ramadan calendar for USA 2019 is given on the link. The time of Suhoor and Iftar may vary if the date of Ramadan 2019 is changed.
    Our advice is to keep an eye on local announcements.

    When is Ramadan 2019 in France? (Quand est le Ramadan 2019 en France)

    InshaAllah Ramadan 2019 en France commencera le 05 mai 2019 et sera jusqu'au 4 juin 2019. Beaucoup de fois les dates peuvent varier en raison de l'observation de la lune. Gardez un oeil sur l'annonce locale de Ramadan dans votre ville. Nous mettrons à jour dès que nous apprendrons les dates modifiées. Les grandes villes qui peuvent avoir le suivi des dates données sont:
    • Paris
    • Marseille
    • Lyon
    • Toulouse
    • Nice
    • Nantes
    • Strasbourg
    • Montpellier
    • Bordeaux
    • Lille

    Ramadan 2019 France Calendar (Calendrier du Ramadan 2019 France)

    Calendar for Ramadan 2019 France is shown in the post you can follow it but our advice is to dont blindly follow anything keep an eye on local announcements.

    When is Ramadan 2019 in Canada?(Quand est le Ramadan 2019 au Canada?)

    Ramadan 2019 in Canada will be InshaAllah from May 5, 2019, till June 4, 2019. The total days of fast will be 30 days.
    In Canada Muslims like other Muslim countries fast and pray to All Might ALLAH. They fast during day times till Maghrib.
    The above date of Ramadan 2019 in Canada apply to following parts of Canada:

    • Kitchener, Ontario
    • Winnipeg, Manitoba
    • Hamilton, Ontario
    • Quebec City, Quebec
    • Ottawa, Ontario
    • Edmonton, Alberta
    • Vancouver, British Columbia
    • Montreal, Quebec

    Ramadan 2019 Canada Calendar(Calendrier du Ramadan 2019 Canada)

    Here is the calendar for Ramadan 2019 in Canada. All time for Suhoor and Iftar is given. You can download it from the link.

    When is Ramadan 2019 in Turkey?(Türkiye'de 2019 Ramazan ne zamandan beri?

    Türkiye'deki Ramazan 2019, 05 Mayıs 2019, 4 Haziran 2019 yılına kadar inşa edecektir. 30 hızlı sonra Ramazan Bayramı yapılacak ve insanlar iyi kıyafetler giyip mutluluk paylaşacaktır. İnsanlar sabahın erken saatlerinde uyanır ve namaz kılar ve komşularına ve akrabalarına tatlı yemekleri gönderirler.
    Tarihler aşağıdaki şehirler ve diğer şehirler için geçerlidir:
    • Istanbul
    • Izmir
    • Ankara
    • Gaziantep
    • Antalya
    • Bursa
    • Adana
    • Konya
    • Trabzon
    • Denizli

    Calendar for Ramadan 2019 Turkey(Ramazan 2019 Türkiye Takvimi)

    Ramazan ayının ana takvimi, suhur ve iftar zamanlamaları ile aşağıda paylaşılmaktadır. Tavsiyemiz, yerel duyurulara göz kulak olmanızdır.

    When is Ramadan 2019 Saudi Arabia?(عندما يكون رمضان 2019 المملكة العربية السعودية؟)

    المملكة العربية السعودية هي المكان الأكثر الروحي والديني لجميع المسلمين حول العالم. المملكة العربية السعودية تتبع التقويم أم القرى، ويقرر مواعيد الأنشطة الدينية المختلفة. وفقا لأم القرى تقويم شهر رمضان 2019 في السعودية جزيره العرب ان شاءالله من 4 مايو 2019 وتنتهي في يونيو 05،2019. والتاريخ رمضان يكون نفسه من خلال الخروج من البلاد المدن الرئيسية هي:
    • Riyadh مدينة الرياض
    • Jeddah جدة
    • Medina المدينة المنورة
    • Mecca مكة المكرمة
    • Dammam الدمام
    • Tabuk تبوك
    • Khobar مدينه الخبر
    • Abha أبها
    • Buraydah بريدة
    • Najran نجران

    Ramadan Calendar 2019 Saudi Arabia (التقويم رمضان 2019 المملكة العربية السعودية)

    وفيما يلي الجدول الزمني للأصدقاء من المملكة العربية السعودية for Ramadan تعطى 2019. جميع timings السحور والإفطار في التفاصيل:

    When is Ramadan 2019 Germany? (Wann ist Ramadan 2019 Deutschland?)

    Der Ramadan 2019 in Deutschland beginnt am 05. Mai 2019 und endet am 04. Juni 2019 in InshaAllah. Die Anzahl der Fasten ist ähnlich wie im Vorjahr, aber die Suhoor- und Iftar-Zeiten können leicht geändert werden. Und auch das Datum von Beginn und Ende des Ramadan 2019 wird anders sein.
    Einige Großstädte in Deutschland, die diesem Kalender folgen, sind unten aufgeführt. Wir empfehlen Ihnen, lokale Ankündigungen im Auge zu behalten.
    • Berlin.
    • Hamburg.
    • Munich.
    • Cologne.
    • Frankfurt.
    • Stuttgart.
    • Düsseldorf.
    • Dortmund.

    Ramadan Calendar 2019 Germany (Ramadan-Kalender 2019 Deutschland)

    Im Folgenden finden Sie den Fahrplan für Suhoor und Iftar für Deutschland. Da wir diese Daten im Voraus gesammelt haben, besuchen Sie bitte unsere Website für Updates.

    When is Ramadan 2019 Australia? 

    We are very happy to announce that this year Ramadan 2019 in Australia will start from the same date as in the majority of European countries. 
    InshaALLAH, In Australia, 1st Ramadan 2019 will start from 05th May evening and the first fast of Ramadan 1439 Hijri will be saturday, 5th of May 2019. Thursday, June 04th will be the last day of Ramadan 2019 especially for communities (such as Lebanese & Turkish communities) that follows Saudi Arabia for Hirji dates. Otherwise, there is some kind of chances that Ramadan 1439 will last 30 days for communities (such as Indian & Pakistani communities) that follow Local sighting of moon crescent, and will end on Tuesday, June 5 2019.

    The Major parts of Australia that will follow the above schedule are:
    • Sydney.
    • Melbourne.
    • Brisbane.
    • Perth.
    • Adelaide.
    • Gold Coast.
    • Newcastle.
    • Canberra.

    Ramadan Calendar 2019 Australia

    Here is the Ramadan Suhoor and Iftar Calendar for Australian People. That's not the full and final please keep an eye on local announcements.

    When is Ramadan 2019 UAE United Arab Emirates? (Wann ist Ramadan 2019 UAE)

    Majority of the population in UAE is Muslims. And in UAE majority of outsiders are also Muslims so in Ramadan, the whole gulf follows the Ramadan month.
    Ramadan 2019 in UAE will start from 5 May 2019 evening and will end on 4 June 2019 and inshaAllah after that all Muslims of UAE will celebrate Eid ul Fitr.
    Let me share Majority of the parts of UAE that will follow the above schedule:
    • Dubai
    • Sharjah
    • Abu Dhabi
    • Al Ain
    • Ajman
    • Ras Al Khaimah
    • Fujairah
    • Umm al Quwain
    • Khor'fakkan
    • Dibba Al-Fujairah

    Ramadan Calendar UAE 2019

    Here is the best timetable for suhoor and iftar that we have found for UAE. Keep an eye on local announcements.

    When is Ramadan 2019 Italy? (Quando è il Ramadan 2019 in Italia?)

    According to the latest statistics, 2.3% of the total Italy population is Muslim. The majority are Sunnis and Shias are in minority.
    Similar to other Muslim populated countries Italian Muslims will Also Celebrate the Month of Holy Ramadan 2019. 
    Ramadan 2019 Italy Will InshaAllah Starts from 05 May 2019 and will end in 04 June 2019. After that, there will be Eid InshaAllah. The major cities that will follow the below schedule are:
    • Venice
    • Florence
    • Milan
    • Turin
    • Naples
    • Verona
    • Bologna
    • Genoa
    • Palermo

    Ramadan Calendar Italy 2019 (Calendario del Ramadan Italia 2019)

    Segui l'orario di seguito per il mese di Ramadan in Italia quest'anno. Inoltre, tieni d'occhio gli announce local.

    When is Ramadan 2019 Qatar?(متى يكون رمضان 2019 قطر؟)

    Qatar is a Muslim majority country but along with Muslims, there are a lot of Hindu, Christian and Buddhist.as of 2010 an estimated 67.7% of the population is Muslim, while 13.8% is Christian, another 13.8% Hindu, and 3.1% Buddhist. 
    Ramadan 2019 in Qatar will InshaAllah starts from 05 May 2019 and will end on 04 June 2019.
    We have calculated a calendar for Below Major cities of Qatar.
    • Doha
    • Al Rayyan
    • Umm Salal Muhammad
    • Al wakrah
    • Al Khor
    • Ash Shinaniyah
    • Dukhan
    • Musayid
    • Madinat Ash Shamal
    • Al Wukayr

    Ramadan Calendar Qatar 2019(رمضان كالندار قاتار 2019)

    When is Ramadan 2019 Malaysia?(Bilakah Ramadan 2019 Malaysia?)

    In Malaysia total population of the Muslims is 61.3% which is very huge. So it means In Malaysia there is Muslim majority so everyone will celebrate Ramadan 2019 with full zeal and zest.
    We will be updating you regarding Ramadan dates and calendar in Malaysia.
    Ramadan 2019 in Malaysia will InshaAllah start from 05 May 2019 and will end on 04 June 2019. After that Malaysian people will celebrate Eid ul Fitr.
    Major cities of Malaysia that will follow the below calendar are:
    • Kuala Lumpur
    • Johor Bahru
    • Ipoh
    • Kota Kinabalu
    • George Town
    • Malacca City
    • Kuching
    • Petaling Jaya
    • Alor Setar

    Ramadan Calendar Malaysia 2019(Kalendar Ramadan Malaysia)

    Calendar 2019 for Malaysia Suhoor and Iftar during Ramadan month is given below:

    When is Ramadan 2019, South Africa?

    As we Know that South Africa in a Muslim Minority Country which is about 1.9% of the total population. But how can we leave our south African Muslim brothers and sisters? So we decided to get you updated in whenis-ramadan.com related to Ramadan dates and timings in South Africa.
    Ramadan 2019 in South Africa will start InshaAllah from 05 May 2019 and will InshaAllah end on 04 June 2019.
    The Major cities of South Africa That may follow the below calendar are:
    • Cape Town
    • Pretoria
    • Durban
    • Port Elizbeth
    • East London
    • Johannesburg
    • Bloemfontein
    • Soweto
    • Nelspruit
    • Rustenburg

    Ramadan Calendar 2019 South Africa

    Ramadan Calendar 2019 in South Africa suhoor and Iftar Timings is given On the Link.

    When is Ramadan 2019 Switzerland?(Wann ist Ramadan 2019 Schweiz)

    Basically Switzerland is a Non-Muslim majority country but still, there are some Muslims brothers and sister living there. Most of them are foreigners and came to Switzerland for work or education. Those who came to Switzerland from very far countries don't regularly go to their homeland as it cost them a lot so they spend most of the time in Switzerland hence they celebrate Islamic festivals in Switzerland. 
    Similarly, Ramadan 2019 in Switzerland will be celebrated by the Muslim brothers and sister living there. 
    So we decided to help them find the exact dates and timings of Ramadan 2019 in Switzerland. Ramadan 2019 in Switzerland will be InshaAllah starting from 05 June 2019 and will end on 04 May 2019 InshaAllah.
    The major cities that will follow the below timetable are:
    • Zurich
    • Geneva
    • Besal
    • Lausanne
    • Bern
    • Lucerne
    • Lugano
    • St. Gallen
    • Winterthur
    • Chur

    Ramadan Calendar 2019 Switzerland(Ramadan-Kalender 2019 Schweiz)

    The most accurate calendar for Ramadan 2019 for Switzerland is in below picture. Also, keep an eye on Local announcements:
    ramadan 2019

    When is Ramadan 2019, Sri Lanka?(2019 රාමදාන් යනු ශ්රී ලංකාව?)

    According to the census of 2011, in Srilanka 70.2% are Buddhists, 12.6% are Hindus and 9.7% of the total population is Muslims. So, from there matrics, we can say that Sri Lanka is a Buddhist majority country but still, there are about 10% of the Srilankan population is Muslim.
    Muslims of Sri Lanka also seeks for the Ramadan dates and calendars each year. InshaAllah Ramadan 2019 in Sri Lanka will be starting from 05 May 2019 and will end on 4 June 2019.
    Below I have mentioned some major cities of Sri Lanka That will follow the calendar given below. Cities may vary.
    • Colombo
    • Kandy
    • Galle
    • Nuwara Eliya
    • Trincomalee
    • Anuradhapura
    • Negombo
    • Jaffna
    • Dambulla
    • Polonnaruwa
    • Mirissa

    Ramadan 2019 Calendar Sri Lanka(රාමසාන් 2019 දින දර්ශනය ශ්රී ලංකාව)

    The Hanafi Calendar for Ramadan 2019 for Sri Lanka along with Date, Day, Suhoor and Iftar time is given below. We advise keeping an eye on local announcements.
    ramadan 2019

    When is Ramadan 2019 Kenya?(Wakati wa Ramadan 2019 Kenya ni wapi?)

    11.1 % of the Kenyan population is Muslim and its about 4.3 Million Kenyian people. Ramadan 2019 in Kenya is starting from 05 May 2019 and will end on InshaAllah 04 June 2019.
    According to the statistics The day will be Wednesday of the first Fast and the Suhoor time will be approx 05:20 am and iftar will at 6:43 pm approx. Time and dates may vary. Below are some major cities of Kenya of Muslims.
    • Nairobi
    • Mombasa
    • Kisumu
    • Nakuru
    • Eldoret
    • Malindi
    • Thika
    • Kitale
    • Garissa
    • Ruiru

    Ramadan 2019 Calendar Kenya(Ramadan 2019 Kalenda ya Kenya)

    Kenyan brothers and sisters will follow the Linked timetable for Suhoor and Iftar timings for Ramadan 2019. For more accurate dates and timings keep an eye on local announcements.

    When is Ramadan 2019 Kuwait?(متى يكون رمضان 2019 الكويت؟ )

    The major religion of Kuwaiti people is Islam. Almost all people of Kuwait speaks Arabic. As all the people of Kuwait is Muslim so there is 60%-70% of the Kuwaiti people are Sunnis and remaining 30%-40% of the people are Shias. The timings of Ramadan are having a small difference fo Shias and Sunnis. Below timetable is for Sunnis. The Month of Ramadan 2019 in Kuwait will InshaAllah starts from 05 May 2019 and will end on 04 June 2019. Below are several Major cities of Kuwait.
    • Kuwait City
    • Salmiya
    • Hawally, Kuwait
    • Al Jahra
    • Mangaf
    • Mahboula
    • Abu Halifa
    • Al Farwaniyah
    • Sabah Al-Salem
    • Basra
    • Abdali

    Ramadan 2019 Calendar Kwait(رمضان 2019 التقويم كويت )

    Link To Timing of Ramadan 2019 is for Kuwait. Please keep an eye on local announcements of Dates and timings.

    When is Ramadan 2019 Netherlands?(Wanneer is Ramadan 2019 Nederland?)

    The 4% of the total population of Netherlands is Muslims. Islam is the second largest religion in the Netherlands. And Majority of Muslims is Sunnis. Ramadan 2019 in the Netherlands will InshaAllah Starts from 05 May 2019 and will end on 04 June 2019.
    Below are some major cities of Netherlands which may have Muslim majority can consult the Ramadan calendar.
    • Amsterdam
    • The Hague
    • Rotterdam
    • Utrecht
    • Delft
    • Maastricht
    • Groningen
    • Leiden
    • Haarlem
    • Best, Netherlands

    Ramadan 2019 Calendar Nederland(Ramadan 2019 Kalender Nederland)

    Ramadan 2019 Calendar for the Netherlands is Linked. For the further citywide timetable for Suhoor and Iftar keep an eye on local announcements.

    When is Ramadan 2019 Azerbaijan?(Ramazan 2019 Azerbaycan nə vaxtdır?)

    Azerbaijan is a Muslim majority Country and there are approximately 96.9% Muslims. Almost all the Muslims in Azer Baijan are Sunnis and Celebrate Month of Ramadan. Ramadan 2019 in Azerbaijan is InshaAllah starting from 05 May 2019 and will end on 04 June 2019. Below are some major cities of Azerbaijan mentioned which may follow the below timetable. Also, keep an eye on local announcements for exact dates and timings.
    • Baku
    • Ganja
    • Shaki
    • Lankaran
    • Sumqayit
    • Nakhchivan
    • Mingachevir
    • Qabala
    • QubaYevlakh

    Ramadan 2019 Calendar Azerbaijan(Ramazan 2019 Təqvim Azerbaycan)

    Link to the Ramadan 2019 Suhoor and Iftar Timings for Azerbaijan. Dates and timings may change changes at runtime so keep an eye on local announcements and also keep visiting our site.

    When is Ramadan 2019 NewZealand?(Kei hea te Ramadan 2019 Niu Tireni?)

    Newzeland is a mix of religion. It has a lot of people of any religion. It has Catholic, Anglican, Presbyterian, other Christianity, Hindus, Buddhist, and Muslims. The Muslims are under 3.5% of the total population.
    You know when there is a minority of a religion it is then very difficult for those people to get the exact dates and timings for their religious practices.
    Ramadan 2019 in Newzealand will InshaAllah Commerce from 05 May 2019 and will end on InshaAllah 04 June 2019. May this month of Ramadan bring peace and prosperity to the Muslims of Newzealand and All the Muslims around the world.
    Below are some major cities of Newzealand that will have Muslims majority.
    • Auckland
    • Wellington
    • Christchurch
    • Queenstown
    • Rotorua
    • Dunedin
    • Hamilton
    • Nelson
    • Tauranga
    • Napier

    Ramadan 2019 Calendar NewZeland(Rāmere 2019 Maramataka New Zealand)

    Calendar for Ramadan 2019 in Newzeland is given below. Please keep an eye on the exact dates and timings for Ramadan Suhoor and Iftar timings.
    ramadan 2019

    When is Ramadan 2019 Algeria?(متى يكون رمضان 2019 الجزائر؟ )

    Algeria is a Muslim Majority country and about 99% of the population is Muslim. SO there will be a lot of local communities that organize moon sighting and will create calendars and decide timings. But in advance, we can provide you the overview.
    Ramadan 2019 in Algeria will be InshaAllah starting from 05 May 2019 and will end on 4 June 2019. 
    Below are some major populated cities of Algeria. Get an idea from the below calendar but I will suggest going with local timings.
    • Algiers
    • Oran
    • Constantine
    • Annaba
    • Batna, Algeria
    • Tlemcen
    • Ghardaia
    • Babb Ezzouar
    • Skikda
    • Biskra

    Ramadan 2019 Calendar Algeria(رمضان 2019 التقويم الجزائر)

    Link To the Major calendar for Ramadan 2019 Suhoor and Iftar time for Algerian people. Please go with local announcements for exact dates and timings.

    When is Ramadan 2019 Russia?(Когда Рамадан 2019 Россия?)

    About 15% of the Russian population is Muslim. The total population of Russia is about 144.3 Million so Muslims is about 20.2 Million. That's a huge number, but still, Muslims are in Minority in Russia.
    Ramadan 2019 in Russia is Starting from 05 May 2019 and will end on 4 June 2019.
    Below are some major parts of Russia having the majority of the Muslims.
    • Moscow
    • Saint Petersburg
    • Kazan
    • Yekaterinburg
    • Novosibirsk
    • Rostov-on-Don
    • Nizhny Novgorod
    • Sochi
    • Omsk
    • Samaritan

    Ramadan 2019 Calendar Russia(Рамадан 2019 Календарь Россия)

    Link To the Calender for Ramadan 2019 for Russia but time and dates may vary on a city to city. So please keep an eye on local announcements and follow them. You can get an overall idea from the below-given calendar.

    When is Ramadan 2019 Lebanon?(متى يكون رمضان 2019 لبنان؟ )

    Lebanon is a Muslim majority country and there are Muslims about 54% of its population. In this 57%, about 27% are Sunnis and 27% are Shia. Majority of people speaks Arabic in Lebanon.
    People of Lebanon celebrate the Month of Ramadan with full zeal and zest.
    Ramadan 2019 in Lebanon will InshaAllah starts from 05 May 2019 and will end on 4 June 2019 InshaAllah.
    Below are some major populated cities of Lebanon having most of its population You can get an idea of Ramadan Calendar from below picture but please keep an eye on local announcements.
    • Beirut
    • Tripoli
    • Sidon
    • Tyre, Lebanon
    • Baalbek
    • Zahle
    • Byblos
    • Jounieh
    • Batroun
    • Naqoura
    • Anjar
    • Harissa

    Ramadan 2019 Calendar Lebanon(رمضان 2019 التقويم لبنان)

    Link to the timings and calendar for Ramadan in Lebanon 2019. We advise keeping an eye on local announcements.

    When is Ramadan 2019 Bangladesh?(যখন রমজান 2019 বাংলাদেশ হয়?)

    Bangladesh is one of the largest Muslim populated countries after Indonesia, India, and Pakistan. People of Bangladesh speak Bangla language. People of Bangladesh practice the month of Ramadan with full devotion.
    Ramadan 2019 in Bangladesh will start on similar dates as the majority of the world have. Ramadan will start on 05 May 2019 and will hopefully end on 04 June 2019.
    Below are some major cities of Bangladesh. The people of below cities can get an idea from the calendar below.
    • Dhaka
    • Chittagong
    • Khulna
    • Bogra
    • Tongi
    • Comilla
    • Rajshahi
    • Rangpur District
    • Pabna District
    • Sylhet

    Ramadan 2019 Calendar Bangladesh(রমজান 2019 ক্যালেন্ডার বাংলাদেশ)

    Link To the calendar for Ramadan 2019 in Bangladesh with suhoor and Iftar timings. But we recommend keeping an eye on the local announcements because time and dates may vary.

    When is Ramadan 2019 Singapore?(Bilakah Ramadan 2019 Singapura?)

    About 15% of the Singapore population is Muslim. Singapore is not a Muslim majority country so that's why Muslims sometimes face problems while finding exact times and date for Islamic events.
    Ramadan 2019 in Singapore will be starting from 05 May 2019 and will end on 4 June 2019 InshaAllah.
    Below are some major cities of Singapore with the Muslim population. Also, we advise keeping an eye on local announcements to get accurate results.
    • Pulau Ubin
    • Pulau Ujong
    • Bakit Batok
    • Jurong East
    • Tampines
    • Sengkang
    • Choa Chu kang
    • Woodlands, Singapore
    • Ang Mo Kio
    • Kranji

    Ramadan 2019 Calendar Singapore(Ramadan 2019 Calendar Singapura)

    You can consult the below calendar for suhoor and Iftar timings in Singapore for Ramadan in 2019. But still, keep an eye on local announcements.

    When is Ramadan 2019 Sweden?(När är Ramadan 2019 Sverige?)

    There are 450,000 to 500,000 Muslims in Sweden. The majority are from the other country who came to Sweden for studies or work purpose. Sweden is not a Muslim majority country.
    Ramadan 2019 in Sweden is InshaAllah starting from 05 May 2019 and will end on 4 June 2019 InshaAllah.
     Below are some major cities of Sweden. People of these cities can consult the below timetable for Ramadan 2019.
    • Stockholm
    • Malmo
    • Gothenburg
    • Uppsala
    • Visby
    • Helsingborg
    • Vasteras
    • Jonkoping
    • Orebro
    • Lund
    • Linkoping

    Ramadan 2019 Calendar Sweden(Ramadan 2019 Kalender Sverige)

    Below is the best possible calendar with suhoor and Iftar timings that we can get for Sweden. Although we advise to keep an eye on the local announcements for accurate data.
    ramadan 2019

    When is Ramadan 2019 Norway?(Når er Ramadan 2019 Norge?)

    According to 2011 estimate, 2.3% of the Norway population is Muslim. Muslims are in minority in Norway. Most of the Muslims in Norway are workers who travel to Europe to earn their living.
    Ramadan 2019 in Norway will InshaAllah start from 05 May 2019 and will end on 4 June 2019.
    Below are some major cities of Norway having the Muslim population.
    • Oslo
    • Bergen
    • Tromso
    • Trondheim
    • Stavanger
    • Alesund
    • Kristiansand
    • Drammen
    • Fredrickstad
    • Sandnes
    • Arendal
    • Bodo

    Ramadan 2019 Calendar Norway(Ramadan 2019 Kalender Norge)

    Below is the Suhoor and Iftar timings for Ramadan 2019 in Norway. however, we advise keeping an eye on local announcements.
    ramadan 2019

    When is Ramadan 2019 Denmark?(Hvornår er Ramadan 2019 Danmark?)

    According to the figures reported by BBC 4.8% of the total population of Denmark is Muslim. Although Denmark is a not a Muslim majority country still, there is a large number of Muslims living there!
    Ramadan 2019 in Denmark is InshaAllah starting from 05 May 2019 and will end on 4 June 2019.
    Below are some major cities for Ramadan month in Denmark.
    • Copenhagen
    • Aarhus
    • Odense
    • Aalborg
    • Esbjerg
    • Kolding
    • Randers
    • Roskilde
    • Horsens
    • Frederiksberg
    • Helsingor

    Ramadan 2019 Calendar Denmark(Ramadan 2019 Kalender Danmark)

    Link To the Calendar having Suhoor and Iftar timing Ramadan 2019 in Denmark. Get an idea from the below calendar and for accurate details keep an eye on the local announcements.

    When is Ramadan 2019 Spain?(¿Cuándo es Ramadán 2019 España?)

    About 4% of the Spain population Muslim. Autonomous communities with a higher Muslim population are Catalonia, Andalusia, Madrid and the Valencian Community.
    Ramadan 2019 in Spain is starting from 05 May 2019 and will end on 4 June 2019.
    Below are some major cities of Spain.
    • Barcelona
    • Madrid
    • Seville
    • Granada
    • Valencia
    • Malaga
    • Bilbao
    • Cordoba
    • Toledo
    • Donostia/ San Sebastian
    • Salamanca

    Ramadan 2019 Calendar Spain(Ramadán 2019 Calendario España)

    Below is the Ramadan Calendar 2019 for Spain. You can copy the calendar by right click and select save as picture. To get accurate results keep an eye on the local announcements.
    ramadan 2019

    When is Ramadan 2019 Nigeria?

    There is an old estimation of Nigeria population. According to which about 50% of Nigerians are Muslims, 40% are Christian and remaining 10% are the local religions.
    Ramadan 2019 in Nigeria is starting from 05 May 2019 and will end on 4 June 2019.
    Below are some major cities of Nigeria having the Muslim population.
    • Lagos
    • Abuja
    • Calabar
    • Port Harcourt
    • Ibadan
    • Enugu
    • Warri
    • Owerri
    • Kaduna
    • Akure
    • Kano

    Ramadan 2019 Calendar Nigeria

    Ramadan calendar for Nigeria 2019 is Linked you can save it for getting the overall idea of dates and timings. Also, keep an eye on the local announcements.

    When is Ramadan 2019 Indonesia?(Kapan Ramadhan 2019 Indonesia?)

    Indonesia is one of the largest Muslims populated countries. About 87.2% population of Indonesia is Muslim and remaining are other religions.
    Ramadan 2019 in Indonesia is InshaAllah starting from 05 May 2019 and will hopefully end on 4 June 2019.
    Below are some major cities of Indonesia with the highest population.
    • Jakarta
    • Bandung
    • Surabaya
    • Medan
    • Yogyakarta
    • Semarang
    • Denapasar
    • Palembang
    • Malang
    • Batam
    • Makassar

    Ramadan 2019 Calendar Indonesia(Ramadan 2019 Kalender Indonesia)

    Link to the calendar for Ramadan 2019 in Indonesia. Contains the Suhoor and Iftar timings along with the date and day. Al,so keep an eye on the local announcements.

    When is Ramadan 2019 Philippine?(Kailan ang Ramadan 2019 Philippines?)

    About 11% of the total population of Philippines is Muslim. It makes around 10.7 Million Muslims in the Philippines.
    Most of the Muslims live in the parts of Mindanao, Palawan, and the Sulu Archipelago-an area known as Bangsamoro or the Moro region.
    Ramadan 2019 in Philippine is starting from 05 May 2019 and will end on 4 June 2019 InshaAllah.
    Below is some major city of Philippine having the majority of Muslims.
    • Cebu
    • Manila
    • Davao
    • Makati
    • Cagayan de Oro
    • Quezon City
    • Bacolod
    • Zamboanga City
    • Pasig
    • LLoiLo City
    • Baguio
    • Caloocan
    • Taguig

    Ramadan 2019 Calendar Philippines(Ramadan 2019 Calendar Philippines)

    Calendar for Ramadan 2019 in Philippine is Linked along with Suhoor and Iftar timings. Also, keep an eye on the local announcements.

    When is Ramadan 2019 Morocco?(متى يكون رمضان 2019 المغرب؟)

    Morocco is a Muslim majority country having 99% Muslims in there. The majority of Muslims are Sunnis. The Muslims of Morocco fast from sunrise to sunset for 29/30 days.
    Ramadan 2019 in Morocco will Inshaallah starts from 05 May 2019 and will end on the date of    04 June 2019.
    Below are some major cities of Morocco having the largest population.
    • Marrakesh
    • Fes
    • Essaouira
    • Tangier
    • Meknes
    • Rabat
    • Casablanca
    • Chefchaouen
    • Agadir
    • Merzouga
    • Ouarzazate
    • Asilah

    Ramadan 2019 Calendar Morocco(رمضان 2019 التقويم المغرب)

    Link To the calendar for Ramadan 2019 in Morocco. It contains Suhoor and Iftar timings with dates. we advise keeping an eye on local announcements.

    When is Ramadan 2019 Austria? (Wann ist Ramadan 2019 Österreich?)

    The latest statistics of Austria says that there are about 4.2% Muslims in Austria. It makes around 515,914 Muslims in Austria.
    Austrian Muslims also eagerly waits for the month of Ramadan. As its the month of blessings and forgiveness.
    Ramadan 2019 in Austria will start from 05 May 2019 and will hopefully end on 4 June 2019. There will be around 29 fasts this year.
    Below are some major cities of Austria having the Muslim population.
    • Vienna
    • Salzburg
    • Innsbruck
    • Hallstatt
    • Graz
    • Klagenfurt
    • Linz
    • Villach
    • Krems a der Donau
    • Zell am See
    • Melk

    Ramadan 2019 Calendar Austria(Ramadan 2019 Kalender Österreich)

    Picture of the Calendar of Ramadan 2019 in Austria is Linked. you can download and save it. Also, we advise keeping on the local announcements to get accurate time and dates.

    When is Ramadan 2019 Sudan?(متى يكون رمضان 2019 السودان؟)

    Sudan is a Muslim majority country and it's having 97% Muslims and remaining 3% are Christians.
    PEople of Sudan are religious and waits for the peaceful month of Ramadan.
    Sudanese make their local dishes at Suhoor and iftar.
    Ramadan 2019 in Sudan is InshaAllah starting from 05 May 2019 and will InshaAllah end on      
    4 June 2019.
    Belwo are some major populated cities of sudan having the most population.
    • Khartoum
    • Omdurman
    • Port Sudan
    • El-Obeid
    • Wad Madani
    • Nyala
    • Kosti
    • Kassala
    • Ad-Damazin
    • Al-Fashir
    • Wadi Halfa

    Ramadan 2019 Calendar Sudan(متى يكون رمضان 2019 السودان؟)

    Link To the calendar for Ramadan 2019 in Sudan in picture form. Also, keep an eye on local announcements to avoid any confusion in dates and timings.

    When is Ramadan 2019 Ireland?

    Ireland is an Island in North Atlantic and is separated by Irish sea from nearby countries. There are about 63,000 Muslims in Ireland.
    As Ireland is very far away and is separated by the sea. So we will have to keep our Irish brothers and sisters in our mind.
    Ramadan 2019 in Ireland will be InshaAllah starting from 05 May 2019 and will hopefully end on  4 June 2019.

    Below are some major cities of Ireland having the majority of the population.
    • Dublin
    • Galway
    • Cork
    • Waterford
    • Limerick
    • Killarney
    • Kilkenny
    • Belfast
    • Westport
    • Tralee

    Ramadan 2019 Calendar Ireland

    We have got this calendar for Ireland Ramadan 2019 which shows the dates and timings for Suhoor and Iftar. But please keep an eye on the local announcements.
    ramadan 2019

    When is Ramadan 2019 Belgium?(Quand est Ramadan 2019 Belgique?)

    Belgium is not a Muslim majority country but still, there are 4% to 6.5% Muslims of the total population of Belgium. People usually speak German and Dutch.
    There are several thousand Muslims living there so it's our responsibility to share the Ramadan 2019 dates and timings with them.
    Ramadan 2019 in Belgium is InshaAllah starting from 05 May 2019 and will end on 4 June 2019 InshaAllah.
    Below are some major populated cities of Belgium.
    • Berges
    • Ghent
    • Antwerp
    • Leuven
    • Mechelen
    • Dinant
    • Mons
    • Namur
    • City of Brussels
    • Liege
    • Ypres

    Ramadan 2019 Calendar Belgium(Ramadan 2019 Calendrier Belgique)

    Ramadan calendar 2019 for Belgium is Linked. Save and get an Idea from the below calendar. It includes Suhoor and Iftar timings along with dates.
    ramadan 2019
     Also, keep an eye on the local announcements.





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